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about the ceremonies


Whether you are hoping for a ceremony that is elegant, traditional, or quirky and creative, I’d love to help you build a ceremony that celebrates your life and love. 

I work with clients from many different cultural and religious backgrounds. We identify the sacred or symbolic language to best express your spirit and intent. My ceremonies can range from spiritual to non-religious, from Christian to interfaith. We discuss what’s important to you, and create a ceremony that incorporates cherished family, cultural, or religious traditions, or, we think “outside the box” and create new rites or elements that we define together.

When crafting a ceremony, I bring my education as
• a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant from the Celebrant Foundation & Institute 
• a career writer and educator
• a trained speaker and performer

I also bring my belief that the words matter. What is spoken at a ceremony should reflect the character and personality of those being honored. Each ceremony is written with love and respect. Each ceremony is original. It is yours and yours alone. 

I would love to hear your story and create a ceremony as unique as you are!

The best part was that the ceremony reflected our own personal journey. It could not have belonged to anyone else! It was no “cut-and-paste” recitation of vows. Rebekka took each of our personal stories and blended them together to create a ceremony that was
distinctly ours.
— Brigitte from Berlin, Germany