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Do you envision an elegant, traditional ceremony or a fun, unique event? The sky is the limit! With your input, I will craft a ceremony that celebrates your life together and features your one-of-a-kind love story.

If you don’t have a vision yet, that’s OK too. We’ll discuss what’s meaningful to you, how to include any important family, cultural, or religious traditions, and identify elements that best express your spirit and intent. And if you are looking for out-of-the-ordinary, we’ll find fresh, new ways to express your partnership!

When building a ceremony, I bring expertise from my
• certification in Weddings from the Celebrant Institute 
• career in education, as a script writer, and publisher
• experience as a speaker, director, and performer

I also bring my belief that the words matter. What is spoken at a ceremony should reflect the character and personality of those being honored, as well as the commitment being made. I write ceremonies with love and respect. Each one is original, written for you and you alone.

There is no fee for initial contact or consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

The best part was that the ceremony
reflected our own personal journey.
Our wedding could not have belonged to anyone else!
It was no “cut-and-paste” recitation. Rebekka took each of
our stories and blended them together to create a
ceremony that was distinctly ours.
— The Ludwigs, Berlin, Germany